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Numerous lives have been reported saved to date …. thanks to Englands multi-functional life saving products.

Here are a few excerpts from letters from satified customers:

I am writing to express my gratitude to your company. I purchased an Englands Doctors Jacket about eighteen months ago and have worn it approximately twice a week since then. I have always been impressed with the quality and its practical design. Two weeks ago I was fishing a fast flowing stretch, I lost my footing in some rapids and was swept into a pool some 30 feet deep. My chest waders instantly started to fill with water and I was pulled beneath the surface. Before I had time to think or release my rod, the sfaety device activated on my jacket and I was brought to the surface. I am in no doubt that your jacket saved my life, not to mention my expensive rod. I remain in your debt.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Stuart Minnikin

While fishing for salmon during this month, I suddenly found myself in water far too deep to handle the swift cureent, onbe step with my wading stick took me into deep water which started to enter my chest waders. I suddenly lost my footing, and my England vest activated, my zip flew open, but held fast at the bottom, a frightening experience which probably saved me from being swept down river. Luckily I found my footing, and slowly moved towards the bank and scrambled to safety.
Without a doubt it made me realise how important it is to use a buoyancy aide whilst fishing in any conditions. I look forward to receiving your generous offer of an updated replacement within the week.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs Christine Bagshaw

Imagine an idyllic November morning on the Tweed. Expectations were high! Fully equipped I was wading at a comfortable height just below waist level and progressing steadily down the pool. My next step, despite using a wading stick caused the unhappy event. I saw the stick disappear which left me off balance….the current did the rest and I found myself in the unenviable and unique, for me, position – in cold water travelling speedily down the river. I pulled the toggle to inflate the England vest which inflated instantly – what a relief!
The inflated vest gave me time and confidence to collect my thoughts and manoeuver my way to the bank although I was by now some 30 yards downstream.
I have always worn my doctor jacket and this will reinforce the essential nature of the apparatus since I genuinely feel that without it my story could have been untold! In brief the vest was a lifesaver…. and I live to fish another day!
During my episode I lost my 15ft rod, new reel and speycaster line. The story had a happy ending – the following day I snagged on the line backing about 0.5 mile from the original incident and gingerly recovered the whole outfit including the tube fly!

Yours thankfully, Adrian Jones, Wigan, Lancs.

51 Lives saved so far