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We strongly recommend that you have your life jacket serviced annually, whether you have inflated it or not.

Your life jacket can save your life, so it is vital you have it checked on an annual basis.

We do supply re-arming kits, but these are for EMERGENCY use only, for example, if you are travelling and need to re-arm your jacket away from home.

We have an authorise service agent, who carry all spare sparts should any be required, they will carry out a full service including the following:

Visual check for damage
Buoyancy chamber tested – 16 hour inflation
Inflation unit checked
All gaskets renewed
Check and weigh CO2 cylinder
Clean cover.

The service centre details are:

211 Hunslet Road
LS10 1PF

Telephone: 0113 246 1550

Flying with lifejackets

There are a number of items, classed as dangerous goods, which passengers may not carry on board an aircraft and compressed gas is one of these. The regulations pertaining to these items are complex and as is frequently the case in life, there are exceptions to the rules.

Clarification of the facts regarding the carriage of 33g carbon dioxide (CO) cylinders used to inflate boating lifejackets from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is one of the exceptions to the regulations which forbids the carriage of dangerous goods in passengers’ baggage is for no more than two small carbon dioxide cylinders fitted into a self-inflating life-jacket for inflation purposes, plus no more than two spare cartridges , but this exception ONLY applies with the approval of the airline.

If you are intending to take a life-jacket with you when flying the CAA recommend that passengers contact their airline when booking their flights and obtain written confirmation of the airline s policy on the carriage of life-jackets and their inflation cartridges.